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If you had your dream car (lets forget about cost for a moment), you would only put in the best fuels/oils/liquids etc. that you could afford and you would look after it.  So why put rubbish into your body!  Treat your own fuel needs like you would treat your dream car.  It will make a difference.

I offer nutritional advice and guidance throughout the course of your personal training. In order to improve overall health it is important that we address your nutritional habits and diet. I ask clients to complete a food/beverage diary so that together we can go through your typical eating patterns and suggest improvements or changes which will help you to achieve your goals. The fuel you put into your body will directly affect the physical changes we aim to achieve.

Nothing can replace a healthy, balanced diet.  The experts suggests we have at least 5 fruit/vege a day.  Is that too hard?

Try having a piece of fruit with each meal.  That’s 3 out of the way.  And how about 2 veges with your main meal (whether that be lunch or dinner).  There is your 5 for the day.







How would you treat your dream car?

Try to aim for 5 per day


“within hours, something you put in your mouth is replacing cells somewhere in your body”


(Paul Chek, How To Eat Move

and Be Healthy)