Personal Training + Boxing for Fitness, Circuits and Nordic Walking


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Personal TrainingPremium PT1 - 4 People

Personal Training - 1:1


Our first meeting is for a quick chat.  It is an opportunity for you to meet me, view my qualifications and insurance.  It is also a time for you to ask me any questions that you may have.


If you decide you would like me to be your Personal Trainer, we can book your Starting Point Assessment (SPA).


At the SPA, we discuss and note:

  1. 1.Your goal(s), likes and dislikes.


  2. 2.Go through questionnaires related to your medical history, diet, lifestyle and current activity (the information is treated with utmost confidentiality).


  3. 3.Assess your physical starting point

    • blood pressure

    • resting heart rate

    • body measurements

    • cardiovascular fitness

    • strength

    • flexibility

    • your posture 

  4. 4.I'll ask you to write a food/beverage diary and an activity log. 

The consultation and assessment results are used to develop a unique activity plan for you. This will change over time as you improve.  We repeat assessments to evaluate your progress.  Re-assessments are usually every 6 weeks.


Sessions are carried out wherever is comfortable and convenient for you.  This may be your home, a nearby park or perhaps your workplace.  If you're a member of the Thames Club, then sessions are at the Thames Club. 


NOTE: Fees for personal training is payable in advance.  Therefore Starting Point Assessment bookings are not confirmed until payment is received prior.




One of the many paths at Richmond Park 



“don’t count the days, make the days count”


(Muhammad Ali)