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International Clients via Skype  


As someone who wants to achieve a goal, you want a trainer that is the best personal trainer for YOU.  Sometimes that trainer is not nearby and in fact in another country (I reside in Greater London, UK).  'Sessions' using skype is a useful way of working around that distance. 


What you need?

  • A PC or laptop with a working camera and microphone installed

  • Skype software installed

  • Scanner

  • Printer

  • the occasional helper


How It Has Worked So Far


Any time that you would normally meet your trainer in person (or by telephone)...we meet on skype instead.  Whether that would be to discuss the forms/diaries/logs that I forward to you, your assessments, exercises, diet, the programme that is provided and any other subjects that fall into that context.  Don't worry if you don't have gym equipment or membership, we work with what you do have. 


A huge and mostly hidden aspect of such a journey is that I provide support via skype and email to hold your hand through the changes that must happen for those goals to be realised.  It is all about helping you get closer to and achieving your goal.  Email me to arrange a time and day to have a quick skype chat to answer your immediate questions (   



How Much?


Sessions in person last about 1 hour and is £40 per session.  Via skype however it can be much shorter or longer than in person.  Therefore skype sessions are chargeable by time and rounded up to the next minute (all payments are in UK Pound Sterling, exchange rates may vary).   


Buy Hours:

Buy hours in blocks.  Buy a minimum of 6 hours (£40 per hour = £240) or up to 20 hours.  For every 10 hours you buy, you will get 1 FREE hour.  Scroll down to buy hours now with Paypal.  (NOTE: Please add your name to the description)


Terms & Conditions

  • Fees for personal training are payable in advance. 

  • Time taken for Starting Point Assessments and re-assessments via skype are chargeable as they take longer than they would if I was assessing you in person.  We'll need a second person to help us take measurements during assessments. 

  • If you need to cancel or change your appointment time, you have 12 hours to email or skype message to me without recourse.  However if you cancel and reschedule within 12 hours of a scheduled appointment time, you forfeit 30 minutes.

  • If you are late to a skype appointment, you will be charged for duration that you are late by.  ie. 10 minutes late = 10 minutes extra 

  • Programmes and advice given is tailored for the client.  If other people also embark on your programme and advice intended for you the client, they do so at their own risk.


Number of Hours









“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm”


(Winston Churchill)